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I've been writing for as long as I've been acting. For me, the two complement each other and makes me better in every aspect of my work. 

I love to write crime, mystery shows, but if you read my scripts, they are really about family dysfunctions, existential crises, unfulfilled dreams, and regrets. It's about outcasts and ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances

My main focus is create projects with international appeal and complex female leads, with a special target in crime and mystery tv series. Currently, I'm developing seven shows varying in budget and theme, among them, Crime in Ilha Grande, produced by Ocean Films, and Gauche,psychological feature film thriller that I'm producing, and will be starring, writing and directing.

Being a bilingual writer (Portuguese and English), my aim goal is to create projects that put Brazil on the spotlight and a to-go place for high concept tv series and films.  

Being certified in basic Forensic Science by the NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, SINGAPORE, my passion for mystery and crime and my experience as an actress, makes my work the perfect mix between plot and character-driven. 

*Semi-finalists Sundance Episodic Lab 2020

*Selected to  Emergent Content Creators - Nalip, Los Angeles 2019

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Crime in Ilha Grande
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film projets in development

A Fauna dos Cadáveres
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