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Actress. Singer. Writer. Dreamer.

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, in a family of artists, and since I can remember, I have a passion for both arts and travel.


After spending my teens as a drummer in a punk rock band - Staples -  I graduated in Performance Arts.


Since then, I’ve been working as an actress in several films and TV shows  like Android Cop, with Michael Jai White and Forever Nevermore, for which I got several nominations.  5 years ago, I made my move to Los Angeles and funded my production company Sky Pictures, where I create and produce films and tv series.

In 2007, following my passion for traveling, I did a road trip around South America, that resulted on the pilot Dreaming Around The World, for which I won Best Pilot at the International Television Festival, in Rio de Janeiro, and was invited to represent Brazil at the New York Television Festival.


Recently, we produced the feature film Maverick: Manhunt Brazil and are currently producing the chat show Like Hollywood, for the Brazilian Channel Canal Like.


Now, several years later, my passion for music is having a come back and I’m currently working on my first album, a cover of some of my favorite old songs, where I sing and play ukulele.


Welcome to my world, and don’t be surprise if soon I release a fiction book. :) 

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