Larissa Vereza at Caras Brasil magazine

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Interview for the Caras magazine about the premiere of Larissa's film Maverick: Manhunt Brazil

Official Trailer of Maverick: Manhunt Brazil

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The film, starred by Larissa Vereza and Emiliano Ruschel, premieres in Brazil on December 1, 2016.

Larissa the lead of Maverick, Manhunt Brazil


At the feature film shot in Passo Fundo, South of Brazil, Larissa plays Olivia, a jornalist who is working undercover to find the truth about her sister death.


Larissa Vereza is set to start at the International Series "Alesia".

November 31, 2014

 At the upcoming show, Larissa is Sophie, a young girl who has to face a Secret Society who kidnapped her daughter in order to get a Secret Code developed by her dead father. The only problem, she woke up from a coma with total amnesia.  

Larissa Vereza Nominated Best Actress at LABRFF

September 14, 2014

Larissa was Nominated for Best Actress at the 7th Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival for her work at the feature film "Forever Nevermore". At the film, she plays Luiza, a former nun who marries a violent man and sees her life transformed after a revolution takes place near their farm. 

Larissa debuts in Hollywood

April 22, 2013

Larissa Vereza just finished shooting the feature film "Android Cop", for the SyFy Channel. Among her Co-Stars, the actors Charles Dutton, Michael Jai White and Randy Wayne. 

At the film, she plays Helen Jacobs, a young activist who goes againts her father, the Mayor of Los Angeles. 


Larissa wins Top Of Business Award

July, 09 2013

Larissa won the Top of Business Award for her work at the Tv Series "Love Eternal Lover".


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