Actress. Singer. Traveller. Dreamer.

I was born in a family of artists and from a young age, I was teach how to dream. At 5, I was the only kid on a Theater Group and from then on, I knew what I wanted to be (even though I also knew I wanted to be Indiana Jones). At age 11, the music started to ring strong in my life and I became obsessed in learning as many instruments as I could. My father always said I needed to choose one and become a specialist (he is probably right) but it wasn't enough for me. I always wanted to embrace the whole World. So I learned drums. And guitar. And violin. And flute. And cello.

At 15 I was a drummer on a all-female-punk-rock-band and decided that's what I wanted for my life. School was always a struggle, as I couldn't understand why I needed to learn all those things (now I do), so I drooped high school to pursue my dreams full time. That's where I immersed myself even more on music, studying violin, percussion and singing at the prestigious music school Vila Lobos. I know, a punk rock drummer studying violin? Yeah, I am that contradictory. I'm also Libra. So that probably explains a lot.

But my hopes of becoming a full time drummer was interrupted by the best thing that ever happened to me. I got pregnant of my baby girl Dominique. And that somehow brought back the long forgotten passion for acting - honestly, it was the only thing I could think I could do after dropping out high school. 

So after graduating at Performance Arts, I created a company with my fellow friends and together we did several plays, most of them I would play several instruments - those years had a use after all. 

After numerous plays, films and Tv series in Brazil, that Indiana Jones on me was begging for some adventure. So with my 6-year-old daughter and boyfriend, I traveled for 40 days by car - a Fiat Uno to be more specific - from Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia. Of course I had to film everything, resulting on the documentary Dreaming Around The World, with which, we won Best Pilot at the International Film Festival in Rio and were invited to represent Brazil at the New York Television Festival. That was it. I was bite by the American dream - even though I used to rehearse my Oscar speech since I was 5.

In 2007 I decided to go to L.A to study Acting at the New York Film Academy. It was 40 amazing and scary days. And first time by myself, since my daughter was born. And from then on, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to move to Hollywood. At least it was what that crazy voice in my head kept saying. Even though I have a daughter. And a dog. And no money.

5 years later, with lot's of planning, struggle, doubts and guilt - yeah, leaving your family behind is not that easy - I sold everything I had, got an amazing agent and my O1 visa and moved to a hotel in L.A with my boyfriend and daughter. With no other plan than that. 

And here I am, 3 years later and 3 feature films on my back, living the dream. Oh, and remember the thing about wanting to learn all the instruments in the World? Well, besides adding one more to my list, the Ukulele, I also brought this crazy habit to my acting life. So besides acting, I also direct, write, produce, edit, do cinematography and -- Color Correction. I know, I know... But I can't help it. So in 2014, we opened our production company, the Wild Road, where I can put forward all this ideas that keeps me awake at night.

So, welcome to my World. I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams too and always - your heart.